GoodBelly aid for cruise-ship bellies part of digestion awakening

John Fischer via FlickR

John Fischer via FlickR

The probiotic juice brand GoodBelly made news this week when it said it would give vouchers for three free drinks to some 600 passengers and crew of the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas cruise ship who were struck with gastrointenstinal disfortitude.

“Nothing ruins a vacation faster than vomiting and diarrhea, so we’re here to answer the SOS call of tummy distress with free GoodBelly,” CEO Alan Murray told BevNet and others.

Aside from not wanting their vacations ruined, consumers now see good digestion as a foundation of health and well-being, according to The Hartman Group’s new report, Health + Wellness: A Culture of Wellness. People use digestion to address a host of health concerns, from weight management to food sensitivities to chronic illnesses. More engaged consumers even link it to chronic inflammation, which is considered the root cause of many disorders.

To aid digestion, they seek out fiber-rich, plant-based and raw foods as well as probiotics (such as those in GoodBelly juices), prebiotics and enzymes.

As one consumer told The Hartman Group: “Digestion is the heart of everything. Everything starts with the gut.”